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A Fashion Journey...Hawai’i Circa 1820 to present

• The Honolulu Advertiser - Island Life | 2000 | Tokyo Show Will Feature Royal Reproductions Gowns Fit For Ali’i

• The Honolulu Advertiser - Island Life | 2000 | Preserving originals is an art

Princess Kaiulani Fashions & Bridal Collections
Proudly presents an enchanting Historical Review of Hawaii through an Extraordinary Collection of Fashions.

You will travel back in time, beginning in the early 1800’s and see replicas of the most magnificent gowns worn by Hawaii’s first ladies of the monarchy period to present day Hawaii….


“A year and a half in the making that included endless hours in the archives of the Bishop Museum, this collection preserves a part of our past…”

These are just a few of the special gowns created by Jill and her staff. 


Queen Kamamalu

The original gown is housed in The Bishop Museum Archives.  The Archives file states that “it is believed that this gown was created for the Queen while she and King Kamehameha II were in England on the tragic and fateful trip in 1824.” 


A near exact reproduction was made for our Fashion Journey Fashion Show.  Every possible detail was painstakingly noted and recreated however a few components were not available such as the 28 unique brass buttons.  The original buttons were made of fine, woven threads.  Since our reproduction is intended for wearing in a fast passed fashion show, silk was not used as it was for the original gown.

Queen Emma


This gown is a recreation based on the study of the famous portrait of the Queen.  There are approximately 90 feet of hand pleated and gathered ruffles incorporated into the 9 foot train.  The main fabric is velvet and accented with satin. The details are very unique.

After long hours researching the time and possible occasion for this gown Jill was able to conclude with confidence that this gown was likely created for the Queen in anticipation of the Christening of Prince Albert Edward Kauikeaouli Leiopapa a Kamehameha in 1862.

Queen Liliu`okalani


This gown is a reproduction of the original housed at The Bishop Museum Archives.  It is written in Museum records as Liliu’okalani, “worn while adjourning Parliament, 1893.”  In other words, worn while making her last plea to parliament in an effort to revoke the ‘Bayonet Constitution” of 1887. 


Information passed down through the years tells us that her favorite color was lilac or lavender.  The original gown has faded to a yellow cream however the lilac color still remained in the hemline and seams.  A pale shade similar to what was used for this reproduction.  The original fabric was a silk de-lustered satin with Batten Burg lace and Ostrich feathers.  It is a truly outstanding example of European couture.


After the over through of her kingdom Queen Liliu’okalani, in a quiet display of protest, chose to wear only Black.


As Hawaii’s Fashion History unfolds the gowns come alive with music and dance.  The final look of each gown is completed with a beautiful collection of feather and shell lei, jewelry and handbags.  Models take on the ambiance of each era.

1930’s ~ 1940’s (left)
Kimono Inspired Sheath & Bark Cloth Holomuu


Late 1940’s ~ 1950’s (right)
The “Entertainers” Holoku   with what is now known as the traditional holoku train.


This amazing collection and Fashion Show is offered for your convention or Fundraising event.  It is our wish to showcase Hawaii’s History through Fashion in an entertaining and meaningful way.


Please inquire how this extraordinary show can be a part of your next group event.   We will be happy to work with you in a variety of venues and offer several options to accommodate your needs.


BOUTIQUE AND OFFICE: 1222 Kaumualii Street, Honolulu,  Hawaii, 96817 | Tel: (808) 847-4806

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